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Selected TED/TEDx talks on individual decision-making

Check out these TED and TEDx talks on individual decision-making.  The complex and compelling process of making ethical decisions includes so many challenging and defining experiences for individuals.  The individual process of telling between right and wrong, journeying from ideas to choices, and determining personal values are crucial expressions of individuality and personal judgment.

  • Why we make bad decisions (Dan Gilbert) – Consider the ability of individuals to distinguish between right and wrong in the ethical decision-making process:


  • The neuroeconomics of simple choice (Antonio Rangel) – What happens in individuals’ brains in making both simple and complex choices and how can knowledge about this help to refine the ethical decision-making process?:

  • The aesthetics of decision-making (Joseph Riggio) – The individual imparts on a hero’s journey from ideas to experience in the decision-making process (for more on the hero’s journey, check out this post):

  • We’ve stopped trusting institutions and started trusting strangers (Rachel Botsman) –  Eroding trust in institutions will force emphasis on individual decisions and remote reliance in which trustworthiness, privacy, and intimacy are not the primary considerations they once were:

  • How to make better decisions (Joe Arvai) – Decision-making defines individuals and their values, according to this “decision scientist”:

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