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Selected Dirty Money episodes for corporate compliance

Dirty Money is a documentary series that premiered on Netflix in January 2018.  The series focuses on different case studies of corporate corruption.  The documentaries delve into the political and cultural causes behind the key events in each case, motivations of the individuals involved, and the way that society has been impacted by these situations, some of which remain under investigation or legal challenge.  While all the episodes are interesting to study for general themes of corporate compliance and/or ethical culture and organizational integrity, four of the episodes are especially relevant.


Round-up on anti-money laundering compliance

The practice of money laundering takes on many forms, all with the objective of transferring money earned from illegal activities into the legal financial system for further use.  These various strategies for transferring profits from theft, drug sales, bribery, or other illicit activities are all targeted for the criminals to gain access to legitimate banking and from there use the money for mainstream activities such as investing, shopping, or buying property.


Round-up on developments in client due diligence in the financial services industry

Client due diligence and related processes in financial services – client acceptance, know your customer, anti-money laundering, sanctions monitoring – are central to modernizing and improving compliance programs. Current trends indicate that cultural differences, technological advances, and cooperation of enforcement authorities are all driving investigation and improvement.

In the ever-increasingly complicated global marketplace, client due diligence as a practice will continue to involve, taking into account local practices, changes in technology, and shifting regulatory priorities.