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Legalized marijuana in television

It’s 4/20 here on Compliance Culture!

In honor of the day, check out this selection of depictions of legalized marijuana in television.

  • Weeds – In this Showtime series about a widowed mom who turns to selling weed to support her family, and has various dramas and traumas while striving for success in the illicit trade, the family occasionally flirts with cultivating and selling legalized forms of marijuana.  One of these entrepreneurial experiments was working for a pharmaceutical company that was developing strains of marijuana in its laboratory in hopes of marketing it as medicine, depicted in Season 8, Episode 6, “Allosaurus Crush Castle”:

  • Trailer Park Boys – In this Canadian cult comedy show, the “boys” often attempt various criminal enterprises involving growing, manufacturing, and selling weed or weed-related products.  In their spin-off movie “Don’t Legalize It,” they campaign to prevent marijuana legalization in Canada, fearing that their growing operation will be put out of business by the advent of legalized marijuana and institutional growers.  Ultimately, after countless misadventures, they end up obtaining a grow license and finding legitimate success:

  • Disjointed – This Netflix series is a workplace comedy that takes place in a California legal dispensary owned by a long-time legalized marijuana advocate:

  • Family Guy – This Fox animated series often depicts drug use by its characters, but in Season 7, Episode 12, “420,” the show addresses Brian’s campaign to legalize marijuana after being arrested for drug possession.  Their town Quahog does briefly legalize marijuana in response to their efforts, and the community enjoys great improvements, including diminished crime and heightened productivity:

  • Ballers – This HBO series about a retired NFL player who is a financial manager of other NFL players discussed legalized marijuana as an investment opportunity in Season 3, Episode 3, “In the Teeth”:

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