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Selected TED/TEDx talks from Sheena Iyengar on choice theory

Check out these talks by Sheena Iyengar on choice theory.  Mostly from TED or TEDx events, plus one INKtalks video, these lectures provide a great overview to Iyengar’s brilliant work on the psychology of choice in a variety of contexts.  Through Iyengar’s theories of choice, the many influences choosing and decision-making can have over individuals’ lives become vibrant and clear.

Choice as an art

  • Choice as freedom and control amid chaos and complexity

  • Choice as an expression of individuality

  • Choice as experience

  • Choice as identity

For other TED/TEDx talks on similar topics from the behavioral economist Dan Ariely, check out this post.  For insights from Iyengar and other psychologists that could be useful for compliance professionals, check out this post.

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