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Round-up on compliance issues with online platforms: Snapchat

This is the fifth in a series of six posts on compliance issues with various online platforms.  The first post was about YouTube.  The second post was about Facebook.  The fourth post discussed Instagram.  Last week’s post was about Twitter.  Today’s post will cover Snapchat.  The sixth and final post in the series, on April 12, will be about Reddit.

Snapchat is an app-based photo and video messaging service.  Upon its initial release in 2011, Snapchat grew quickly in popularity due to its novel feature which allowed users to share messages that then disappeared.  This concept evolved from a person-to-person design to then include a chronological timeline of stories and content sponsored by brands, media groups, and influencers.

Snapchat’s global reach, appeal to digital marketers for campaigns and features, and popularity among a young demographic for both messaging as well as engaging with brands and sharing monetized content, have all made the company a leader in the app-based social media and messaging field.  Along with this market saturation, though, has come serious concerns about data privacy, cybersecurity, and a variety of other challenges and risk factors which have impacted the company’s public image, corporate culture, and bottom line.

Check back next Thursday for the final post in this series, which will be about current compliance and ethics issues with Reddit.


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