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Investigative journalism projects for compliance officers

Here’s a collection of ten interesting and informative investigative journalism projects that are especially relevant for compliance officers.

  • International Consortium of Investigative Journalists – Check out this post for more on ICIJ’s work on the Panama Papers, Paradise Papers, among other similar initiatives.
  • Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project – Check out this post for more on OCCRP’s work on the Russian Laundromat, Azerbaijani Laundromat, and other organized crime and corruption topics.
  • ProPublica – ProPublica’s brand of investigative journalism is also described as explanatory journalism, using long-form reporting to educate readers and inspire further investigation, research, and activism. One of their most compelling current series is Machine Bias, which discussed the topic of “algorithmic injustice.”
  • The Bureau of Investigative Journalism – This organization has a mission to analyze and expose power and authority in society and to educate the public to challenge unjust and corrupt practices. Their projects on corporations are particularly pertinent for anyone interested in corporate compliance risk management.
  • Center for Public Integrity – This is a non-profit, non-partisan organization based in the United States which publishes in-depth investigations on topics such as politics, national security, and immigration. Check out their finance topic projects for investigations about reform in the financial services industry and corporate accountability issues.
  • European Investigative Collaborations – The EIC focuses on reporting concerning the influence of power structures in Europe. Of particular interest, check out their reporting project Football Leaks, which sheds light on dubious financial transactions and tax arrangements in the world of European professional football clubs.
  • Investigative Reports & Editors – IRE operates on a grassroots basis in communities all over the United States where journalists share information and resources in order to protect and promote a free society. The collaborative work through this organization led to the bombshell coverage in the Los Angeles Times that exposed pervasive corruption in the city of Bell, California.
  • Reuters – This well-known news service provided fascinating and often disturbing deep-dive reporting into the body broker industry and the regulatory and legal gaps through which it operates.
  • The Intercept – This media organization brands itself as “adversarial journalism,” a modern take on the investigative journalism projects and groups collected above. The Penny Stock Chronicles is a fascinating example of their work.

To see some examples of how these types of investigative journalism projects expose wrongdoing, uncover fraud, and provide pressure for change, check out this post with commentary on episodes of the Netflix documentary series Dirty Money.


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