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Selected TED/TEDx talks on the ethics of innovation in technology

Check out these TED and TEDx talks on the ethics of innovation in technology.  This includes compliance risks and ethical considerations in knowledge acquisition, engineering, and design.

  • Digital ethics and the future of humans in a connected world (Gerd Leonhard) – As society considers digital. machine identity and tries to define the limitations or responsibilities of its autonomy from or connection to physical, human identity of an individual, design ethics and personal morality must never be discarded:

  • Being human in a digital age (Joel Comm) – Maintaining and advancing humanity in a digital age is a keen challenge, but society need not be swallowed by the uncanny valley and the endless risks of addictive and abusive technology, when it’s possible to maintain and promote the core of humanity alongside the ambitions of our innovations:

  • We must change the culture of science and teaching (Freeman Hrabowski) – The culture of science and teaching in which future technologists and designers gain their education and professional access must be made more ethical in order to have the world in which it creates reflect these values: 

  • The ethics of innovation (Mario Herger) –  On respecting and supporting humanity as an ethical means to technological advancement:

  • Machine intelligence makes human morals more important (Zeynep Tufekci) – Advancing machine intelligence and deep learning does not remove responsibility or importance of human ethics from interactions with technology but rather creates deeper reliance on people’s morality:

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